Candlemas no problem, try this technique for a crepe batter without lumps

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February 2 is Candlemas. Unlike Mardi Gras, the date does not change from year to year. It is traditionally the day when pancakes are prepared. This is the trick to making pancake batter without lumps.

Pancake batter is an essential base of French pastry. With yoghurt cake, it is often the first dessert that we prepare alone or alone. This is an extremely easy recipe but as often, there are things to know to make the best pancakes possible.

Pancake batter ingredients

Pancake batter has the particularity of being very liquid due to a high ratio of milk and eggs to flour. Always add a little salt, but sugar is optional. The fat is provided by the eggs, especially the yolks, but it’s good to add a tad of oil, melted butter, or, even better, hazelnut butter. All you have to do is flavor your pancake batter with rum, beer or orange blossom water.

Variants of pancake batter

You can play on the flours by mixing wheat flour and buckwheat flour or wheat flour and chestnut flour. You can make gluten-free pancakes by choosing gluten-free flours like buckwheat flour, rice flour, chestnut flour, quinoa flour, or a mix of gluten-free flours and cornstarch. You can prepare pancakes without milk by replacing…

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