Whether you’re an astro pro or don’t know about the moon sign, you’ve come to the right place. Astrologer Jean-Yves Espié gives you the astrological keys to tackle your week with complete peace of mind.

What is your moon sign?

To know your moon sign, you just need to gather three data: your date, time and place of birth. This information allows the calculation of your lunar sign, also called astrological chart or star chart. Inside ? Your moon sign, ascendant and more. The birth chart can be calculated online on sites like Evozen or Astrotheme or on astrology applications. And if you don’t want all this information but just focus on the moon, you can calculate your moon sign separately.

How is the moon sign calculated?

The moon sign is calculated based on the position of the moon when you were born. If this was in the constellation of Aries, then it is your moon sign. The moon goes around the twelve signs of the western zodiac in about 28 days, at the rate of two and a half days per astrological sign. Your time of birth is therefore imperative to determine your moon sign.

What is the role of the moon sign?

The moon sign represents your emotions, your inner child and your unconscious. Associated with the sign of Cancer, the moon represents our instinct for security, our relationship to family and memory. The moon sign provides information about what you deeply need and what comforts you.

Lunar horoscope of the sign of Aries

On a private level, the passage of the Moon in your sector reminds you that it would be useful to concentrate so as not to disperse yourself. Leave as little room as possible for the unexpected. If you must take center stage, be relaxed to do so with ease and fluidity. Your talent for reacting quickly and well in all circumstances will do wonders.

Taurus Lunar Horoscope

The arrival of Venus in an accomplice sector indicates that the planet of love will caress your Moon in the direction of the hair. This promotes your happy disposition to smooth things over and stimulates your relational know-how. Your sweet and charming attitude will bring you the affection of those who find in you a benevolent interlocutor.

Lunar horoscope of the sign of Gemini

No planetary annoyance on the horizon! You can hope to go through a period of calm on the relational and family levels. The planet of action will motivate you to get out there and bond easily. You will need novelty to distract you, and the energy produced by Mars will arouse your curiosity.

Lunar horoscope of the sign of Cancer

The arrival of Venus in a Water sign will bring balm to your emotional affairs. The planet of love will thus make you more receptive to all solicitations. Rely on the finesse of your intuitions in order to make sure that the feelings that are brought to you are sincere before retreating into your shell…

Lunar horoscope of the sign of Leo

Between the opposition formed by Saturn and the support of Jupiter, you will have to sort out what no longer works and the brand new perspectives that are reaching out to you. You will have understood it, it is not behind you that you have to look, but in front. Your horizon will clear if you look on the bright side of things.

Lunar horoscope sign Virgo

With Mercury passing through an Earth sign, take advantage of this period of communicative fluidity to develop your affairs of the heart in the right direction. Also trust your adaptive qualities to instinctively feel the moment, but above all the best angle to find the right wavelength.

Lunar horoscope of the sign of Libra

Mars and Saturn, the planets of action and wisdom, form a nice duo to bring you their protection. If the first pushes you to show initiative, the second reminds you that it is better to reason before committing. Also use your benevolent spirit to nurture bonds… and encourage affectionate connections.

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Lunar horoscope of the sign of Scorpio

Venus has finally arrived in a Water sign that wants you well, and this will relax the atmosphere on the relational level. Take this opportunity to improve your relationships with family or friends. Change your prism to see your surroundings from another angle and do not focus on their imperfections or their clumsiness.

Lunar horoscope of the sign of Sagittarius

When a large majority of planets look at you with a benevolent and protective air, your morale and your mood suffer. Now is a good time to move forward with your affairs of the heart and your daily organization. And if it’s about getting the message across to those around you about what you’re putting in place, be an educator.

Lunar horoscope of the sign of Capricorn

The double influence of Pluto and Mercury translates into an emergence of rich and varied emotions for the first, and an ability to put words to your feelings for the second. Take the opportunity to express and clarify what touches you, without forgetting to walk on eggshells so that the message gets through in a peaceful way.

Lunar horoscope of the sign of Aquarius

You are entering a period of transformation on an intimate level. If the stakes are high, don’t give in to the impatience dictated by Uranus, but rather listen to the wisdom of Saturn by advancing step by step, without cutting corners. Negotiate what you need in terms of living space and be flexible in how you get there.

Lunar horoscope of the sign of Pisces

The arrival of Venus in your emotional sector is an important event for your emotional well-being. The planet of love having affinities with your sector, visiting it awakens your sensitivity as much as your sensuality. So try a rapprochement, while distilling the treasures of charm that lie dormant in you.

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