Avatar 2 in danger! This sci-fi film made $70 million in 24 hours

news culture Avatar 2 in danger! This sci-fi film made $70 million in 24 hours

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A local phenomenon, The Wandering Earth 2 is currently pulverizing the Chinese box office and competing with the biggest.

The Lunar New Year box office in China did very well last Sunday, boosted by the success of a big-budget feature film called The Wandering Earth 2 which got off to such a strong start that it could seriously compete Avatar 2: The Way of Water. The film grossed $69.7 million on its first day, then reach $181 million in revenue in just three days according to data reported by media outlet Variety. By way of comparison, the film by James Caremon accounts for 235 million dollars in revenue in more than a month of exploitation.

The Wandering Earth 2 story takes place in a world where the sun has gone out, forcing humans to build giant engines in hopes of propelling planet Earth into a new solar system. Andy Lau (Infernal Affairs) as well as Jing Wu (San Siu Lam Zi, Kill Zone) play the main roles in the science fiction feature film which is around 3 hours long. Everything is directed by Frant Gwo, already at work on the first part, which you can also watch on the Netflix platform. Released in 2019, it then became the second biggest success in Chinese box office history and had accumulated $ 604 million in revenue after only sixteen days of operation.

Very divided opinions

As sometimes happens, reviews don’t match the success. On the international critical side, the sequel to the feature film receives very average opinions. The New York Times believes that the film “loses all the glee of its predecessor, offering nearly three hours of convoluted plots, ill-cooked themes and a tangle of confusing and obviously government-approved political subtexts. State.”

The premise may be laughable, but the silly narrative ideas didn’t get in the way of having a great time in the first film. It’s hard to say what a true cinematic achievement ‘The Wandering Earth’ was when it gave China its own ‘Armageddon’, but after this sequel stumbled upon its fair share of melodramatic plots and messages ostensibly nationalistic, you’ll regret not savoring this insane pleasure the first time – The New York Times

Polygon reporters think The Wandering Earth II is heading in a weirder and darker direction than its predecessor, before they blurt out: “The prequel to one of China’s biggest box office hits is actually just… 3 Hours of Suffering.”

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