the dates of the next Full Moon and New Moon to remember

She is a guide in the sky to punctuate our year. Some scrutinize it to make wishes and set intentions when it is New. Others wait until it is full to cut their hair or even color it. The moon is known for its great influence on our lives and on our bodies. It helps us to manufacture our emotions, to forge our instincts and to manage our vulnerability. Both powerful and mysterious, it influences the tides, can have an impact on our menstrual cycle or even on our way of gardening. It can also be a first choice health and beauty ally. Take care of yourself, your skin, treat yourself to moments of relaxation, if you have all the keys in hand, the Moon can only make you better. And yes, it is still necessary to understand it and apprehend its different phases. During its cycle, which lasts about 28 days, the lunation, the Moon adopts different phases. New Moon, Full Moon, waxing and waning phases. Each of them is a moment to take to reinvent yourself and listen to yourself.

The lunar calendar follows a time scale set on the phases of the Moon, in which a month is equal to a lunation. It lasts an average of 29 days. It begins with a New Moon, when the Moon becomes invisible in the sky. A fortnight later, the Moon will grow until it becomes Full. It will decrease later to disappear again. It thus crosses the wheel of the zodiac, (…)

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