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Are you going vegan in 2023? This recipe delivered by Carrefour on Instagram is clearly not going to make you regret your choice.

Are you vegan and like burgers? So, discover this 100% meat & lactose free recipe delivered by Carrefour. It’s delicious and easier to make.

Carrefour boosts your purchasing power

Have you recently visited Carrefour? The well-known supermarket chain is one of the most established in France. Every day, many people come here to do their shopping and leave, for the most part, delighted with their purchases.

It must be said that the brand does everything to boost our purchasing power. Damaged by the energy crisis and rising prices, it indeed needs a good boost at the start of 2023.

This is what Carrefour does by aligning good plans. Every day, come and discover how to fill your fridge with promotions and mini prices that make all the difference.

To dress, it’s the same thing. In stores, fashion fans who like to constantly renew their wardrobes are delighted. Because they can find fabulous outfits at unbeatable prices.

Like these ultra-trendy John Smith sneakers to shop only 30 euro. Here’s something to take care of your look, while preserving your wallet.

And it’s not finished. Because the sign also has essential products for your homenot. Because there is always something to improve or repair at home, come and find what you are looking for at Carrefour.

Like this really practical shower shelf that will free up your space. For less than 25 euros, you will be able to install it at home, without DIY tools, in order to put your hygiene products there.

Finally, if one of your good resolutions this year is to take care of your health, you will also be able to treat yourself with the brand.

A gourmet and healthy burger recipe

And because well-being also goes through the plate, some of you may have decided to turn to a new diet. Like going vegan for example!

However, it is not always easy to know what to eat when you remove meat and dairy products from your meals. Fortunately, Carrefour is there to guide you…

On Instagram, the brand has just posted its ultimate vegan burger recipe. And she just looks insane. Between two burger buns, this one invites you to wedge in many 100% meat and lactose-free ingredients.

As these plant-based wheat breadcrumbs, sold on the shelves for €2.65 the tray of two. You can add strips of white and red cabbage. As well as carrots and pickles.

At the same time, Carrefour also gives you its sauce recipe to spread generously on your bread. In a bowl, mix together vegan mayonnaise, garlic powder, paprika and onion flakes. And it’s ready!

Finally, no burger without cheddar! But beware, this one is totally vegan. Discover in store these vegetable slices with cheddar flavor at €3.25 the tray. A nice alternative to cheese if you have decided to do without it.

Gourmet recipes like this, there are others to make with Carrefour. Like this express fried rice to make at home without delay to delight large tables for less than 2 euros per person.

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