Vietnamese nationals in France and Germany celebrate Tet

Vietnamese nationals in France and Germany celebrate Tet

Vietnamese nationals residing in France and Germany celebrated the 2023 Lunar New Year with a series of cultural and musical activities.

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The Lunar New Year 2023 was celebrated with great fanfare.
Photo: VNA/CVN

In Nogent-sur-Marne, on the outskirts of Paris, the General Union of Vietnamese in France (UGVF) organized a big party with a trade fair, musical performances and a photo exhibition.

Proceeds from the sale of tickets should be used to build and rehabilitate schools in the province of Kiên Giang, in the Mekong Delta.

Vuong Huu Nhan, president of the UGVF, said that the UGVF wants to attract more visitors, especially French people, to the Tet celebration, and has succeeded this year.

Meanwhile, in Berlin, about 300 students from Berlin – Potsdam and surrounding areas gathered to attend Berliner Têt, an annual arts activity of the Vietnamese Students’ Association of Berlin – Potsdam.

Phan Quang Van, first secretary in charge of educational cooperation and management of international students in Germany, said that after more than two years of interruption due to the COVID-19 pandemic, from the end of 2022 , Vietnamese student unions in Germany have resumed their operations.

The traditional Tet event is one of their most organized activities to preserve and promote Vietnamese identity and remind younger generations of their homeland.


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