Cyril Lignac’s advice for a successful terrine of foie gras

From Monday to Friday, at 8:45 a.m. on RTL, Cyril Lignac gives us his culinary advice and tips by answering a question asked by a listener. Here is “The Chef’s Tip” for making a terrine of foie gras.


Tip n°1: choose the technique of your choice

According to the chef, there is two ways to prepare foie gras. First of all, a clear and pure foie gras that we eat traditionally. Next, the foie gras which is fried and placed inside a terrine.

Tip n°2: the preparation of foie gras: should it be deveined?

To prepare it the classic way, you can buy your foie gras directly from the store, then once you have opened it, devein it. This last step is important because inside the foie gras, there are small veins which are not pleasant when eaten in a terrine.

On the other hand, if you go for the second way, namely pan-fried foie gras, do not devein it because this risks damaging it and you will lose all the fat during cooking.

Tip n°3: make foie gras in the traditional way

To prepare foie gras in the traditional way, after deveining it, you can season it with salt and pepper. Then add Port. Roll the foie gras in paper and let it marinate quietly. Finally, cook it in water or in a steam oven.

Tip n°4: make a terrine of foie gras

Take escalopes of foie gras, cut them and season them with salt and pepper. Cyril Lignac advises adding a little cinnamon or gingerbread powder. Then, grill the foie gras escalopes, fry them to color them. Then stack the cutlets in the terrine, packing them down as much as possible. Finally, we anneal everything in the oven! Cut out slices, and serve your foie gras in the middle of the plate, without forgetting the pear chutney, the chef tells us!

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