Discover fuel prices as of February 1, 2023

Maximum sale price of hydrocarbons in Reunion from February 1, 2023

The price of diesel continued to drop (-1 cent per litre), the price of super unleaded increased by 4 cents per litre. The gas cylinder still benefits from the support of communities and remains at 15 euros.

Determinants of the observed monthly change

· Following a fatal explosion and a fire in a refinery in China, global buyers had to switch to other Asian markets, increasing the cost of unleaded, while the area also had to anticipate a significant drop in exports due to the Lunar New Year.

In January, world fuel prices rose sharply for unleaded (+11.03%) and to a lesser extent for diesel (+2.26%), impacting the final price by respectively +6 cents and + 1 cent.

As for the monthly gas quotations, they experienced a sharp drop to 605 $/MT for butane and 590 $/MT for propane (i.e. – 6.92% and – 9.23%).

· The euro continues to strengthen against the dollar (+1.56%). The average of the parities over 15 working days stands at $1.0734 for €1 for fuel and $1.0721 for gas, which has an impact of around – 1 cent for fuel and – 14 cent for the gas.

· Increase in contributions to finance aid for energy savings, ie an impact of 1 cent on fuel.

· Sea freight, falling by more than 38%, allows a reduction in the price of 2 cents per fuel.

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