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What do Matrix, RATP, and Jessica Rabbit have in common? The rabbit ! And that’s good because, according to the Chinese lunar calendar, 2023 is his year. Rabbits are gentle, socially complex, intelligent animals with their own personality. They are so endearing with their long ears and pompom tail that they have conquered our imagination and are omnipresent in our culture. Yet, right now, these sentient beings are being exploited and killed by the millions around the world for their flesh, their fur, and the gruesome experiments whose results are rarely applicable to humans.

It is also because of these multiple forms of abuse that the PETA logo represents a rabbit. In this Lunar New Year, you can take action to help this beautiful animal in many ways. Keep reading to learn more:

Who wants the skin of “the animal with the long ears”?

PETA entities have repeatedly revealed that animals used in the fur industry spend their entire lives confined in filthy cages before eventually being beaten, electrocuted, gassed, or skinned alive. Despite being notified, Etsy still allows its users to sell items made from real rabbit fur. Items sold include rabbit fur coats, scarves, decorations and other accessories. Call on Etsy to ban the sale of fur items on its platform:

Rabbits don’t just get ‘pinched really hard’ for angora

In farms producing angora, rabbits spend their lives in disgusting cages, with no facilities or care. They only come out for violent epilations, during which they scream in terror and agony as they are tied up, held tightly to a work surface, and have their hair pulled out at full handful, sometimes tearing their delicate skin. Finally, after a short life of misery, these rabbits end up violently killed at the slaughterhouse.

The best thing you can do to help rabbits abused for the fashion industry is to refuse to buy angora or fur and ask your family and friends to do the same. Also send a message to the Minister of Agriculture to demand a total ban on the production of fur and angora in France:

What’s up, doctor, with rabbits used in experiments?

Pregnant rabbits are used in tests in which experimenters immobilize them and forcefully ingest them chemicals to determine if these substances can cause birth defects or even death in their babies. These mothers may suffer from seizures, weight loss and miscarriages. At the end of the pregnancy, they are killed, along with their unborn babies.

Please send a message to the Executive Director of the European Chemicals Agency and the President of the European Commission to request that all such testing be stopped.

And pounce on vegan, cruelty-free cosmetics certified by PETA.

Follow the white rabbit and take the green pill

Rabbits are social, intelligent and lively animals that live in groups and dig burrows to raise their young. However, more than 99% of rabbits raised in France for food are raised in intensive farms, where they are crammed into tiny cages, without access to the outside, and where they cannot express their natural behaviors.

Animals do not belong to us. Help save a life of misery and a terrifying death for rabbits by adopting a vegan diet. Ask for PETA’s free “Budding Vegan Guide,” full of practical tips, information, and recipes to help you transition to a meat-free and animal-based diet:

In addition, not only does eating vegan help animals, but it can also have a big impact on another aspect of your life, by improving your sexual activity.

Don’t stand Roger a rabbit – adopt, don’t buy

People who buy rabbits on a whim – a practice supported by most pet stores and sites such as leboncoin which refuses to ban the sale of animals – have no idea of ​​the amount of work and commitment needed to care for these sensitive and easily spooked animals, including providing them with species-appropriate nutrition, a nurturing environment with room to run and jump, and regular veterinary checkups.

Rabbits are the third most frequently abandoned animal in shelters. Anyone with the time, love and money to care for a rabbit should go to a shelter or a rabbit rescue group and save a life by adopting a rabbit (or preferably two because these animals benefit from the company of a congener) who needs a good home.


Share this page with your friends and ask them to act too so that 2023 is really the year of the rabbits!

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