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Cannabidiol is often taken as a tea or infusion by mouth. However, it fits well in some culinary recipes. If you want to tone up your dishes and give them a new taste, this is an ingredient you can count on. Discover in this article meals that are made with CBD.

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A cake

The use of CBD in baking is becoming more and more regular. It is used to make different types of cakes such as pancakes and Christmas shortbread. To prepare cake with cannabidiol, you have the choice between two of its derivatives. You can use oil or powder.

Credit: The Green Store

Start by gathering the necessary equipment and utensils for this purpose. Then turn on the oven and adjust the temperature to 177°C. After that, put all the dry ingredients in a bowl before adding the liquid ones, including the CBD oil. From then on, you can put your salad bowl in the oven. Let your cake bake for about 30 minutes and you’re done.

A summer salad

Yes, it is very true! It is possible to make summer salad by incorporating CBD into it. At first glance, as ingredients you will need arugula, watermelon, apricots, red onion and mint leaves. Cut out all these foods and preheat those that need to be.

Next, you need to prepare the dressing. This is where the CBD powder and its oil come in. You need, in addition to these two elements, balsamic vinegar, honey and olive oil. Mix them then whisk well before adding the seasoning. The final step in concocting a CBD summer salad consists of mixing, in a salad bowl and in reasonable proportions, the chopped raw vegetables with the vinaigrette. Your meal ready!

A cheeseburger

The form of cannabidiol used in the preparation of the cheeseburger is the flower. To do this, immerse the beef in a large container with bell pepper, salt, CBD flowers and all the necessary seasoning. Separate the mixture thus made into four different batches.

To cook these four steaks, you can use the oven. However, it is more convenient to use a hot pan. Once your steaks are cooked, finalize your burger by adding the assortments.

A soup

Adding CBD to the ingredients of a soup gives it a special taste. Instead of its oil, you can opt for its butter or its powder. First, start by cutting the vegetables and cooking them. Second, add some of your cannabidiol derivative to the broth. After a few minutes, you have to put all the spices in it.

Depending on how thick you want your sauce to be and the concentration of the ingredients, it is possible to add water. From then on, you must pour the rest of your CBD oil. Let boil for a few minutes.

To accompany your CBD soup, many possibilities are available to you. You can choose to take it with toast, scrambled eggs or bricks. It also goes well with roast pork and baked chicken.

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