Six lucky dishes for the Lunar New Year

The Canadian Asian Diaspora will celebrate the Year of the Rabbit, celebrations that will last two weeks and culminate with the Lantern Festival.

These festivities revolve around traditional dishes served and shared with family. At the table, we only discuss positive subjects to mark the beginning of the year. »

A quote from Winston Chan, Quebecer of Chinese origin, entrepreneur and chiropractor.

Winston Chan visited Kim Fung’s restaurant in Montreal’s Chinatown to sample traditional Lunar New Year dishes. | Photo: Courtesy: Winston Chan

Around a round table, red and gold color the decor. Synonymous with luck and success, these colors are prized for this celebration. The presentation of meals remains as crucial as the choice of ingredients to ensure a lucky and prosperous New Year.

Since the Chinese calendar is a lunisolar calendar, the date of the Lunar New Year varies from year to year in the Gregorian calendar, but always falls between January 21 and February 19.

The noodles of longevity or changshou mian

Made from a single piece of dough stretched hundreds of times, the noodles can reach two feet in length. The longer the noodle, the greater the chance.

According to popular belief, these noodles ensure a long life. But be careful not to cut them! They must remain whole when eaten. The opposite is synonymous with a shortened life.

Longevity noodles are usually served in broth.

15 mins

17 mins

Minh Phat Tu is chef at Mui Mui restaurant in Montreal.

spring rolls

The Lunar New Year marks the imminent arrival of spring. The golden appearance of the reels is reminiscent of gold bars. Tradition has it that they are pledges of wealth and prosperity.

Fried spring rolls contain pork, chicken, mushrooms, carrots, bean sprouts and cabbage, among other things.

nian gao

Rice cake is a good luck charm eaten at Lunar New Year. Cantonese pronunciation nian gao is similar to that of the greatest year. We want people to grow, in every sense of the word. The dessert brings more happiness, health and abundance.

Nian gao is a rice cake served during Lunar New Year. | Photo: iStock/NorGal

The cake is crowned with a red bean, which represents luck.


During the Lunar New Year festivities, the fish is served whole. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts. This is what the presence of the head and the tail means.

To attract success in the new year, steamed fish remains a must.

Tang yuan

The gelatinous texture and round shape of these sweet rice balls signify unity. This traditional dish promises harmony within the family and a spirit of oneness. His Cantonese name sounds like the word meeting.

Those tang yuan contain either ground pork or Chinese leafy greens. They can also have a thick paste filling made from sesame seeds.

10 minutes

15 mins

Anita Feng is the chef and owner of the Chinese grocery store J’ai Feng in Montreal.


Citrus fruits such as oranges, tangerines or clementines are synonymous with wealth. Offered as a gift, these orange fruits are reminiscent of gold. They are therefore also associated with prosperity.

Oranges will always be a warmly welcomed gift for the Lunar New Year.

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