Everything you need to know about the restaurants of starred chefs in the mountains

The decor : Renovated by the architect Laurent Pelamourgues, the chalet takes up the codes of a traditional Savoyard farmhouse, enhanced with Nobilis fabrics and the Pierre Frey house, chestnut wood furniture made by craftsmen, Lumart lighting, leather rugs cow and hunting trophies, sheepskin and wool cushions on the seats, dried flowers on the ceiling. Outside, a 360° terrace on the Mandarine slope with a view of the valley in the sun and large tables with friends.

Table : Grandmother’s plates, cork presentation plates, wooden tables, we are immediately transported… To be tasted, the olive oil from San Remo placed on the table.

Most : The ski valet who collects, stores and keeps your equipment at the entrance to the restaurant in exchange for a numbered key ring during lunch.

End of season clap: 1er April 2023.

Where to find the chef in summer? At the Bristol in Paris, where he officiates daily in his 3 Michelin star, L’Epicure. Under the sun, you can also meet him at Gina’s, his Italian restaurant in Saint-Tropez or at La Petite Plage Saint-Tropez, Biarritz or Saint-Barthélemy.


Pierre Gagnaire in Courchevel 1850

Fouquet’s, Barrière Les Neiges

The experience: half-city, half-Alpine brasserie.

70 seats, open for lunch and dinner.

The Alpine version of the legendary Parisian brasserie, Fouquet’s, opened its doors in 2016, at the same time as the Palace des Neiges which houses it. Since 2015, chef Pierre Gagnaire has signed the menu of all Fouquet’s in France, including that of Courchevel. We find on the menu the great classics of brasseries (pâté en croute, beef tartare, club sandwich), the only difference, here are added mountain specialties such as this reblochon tartiflette (€39), this trout from mountain lakes , or this Mont-Blanc with chestnuts and blackberry jam. We love the lobster grilled over a wood fire, the sole meunière (€105) and the crêpe Suzette (€19). And since we are in Courchevel, of course, foie gras, caviar and black truffles are legion.

The decor : Red velvet armchairs and benches, black and white photos of stars by the Harcourt studio on the wall, white tablecloth and cozy atmosphere, just like in Paris. Only the view of this alpine Fouquet’s changes: No Champs-Élysées, no red lights, but skiers all schuss on the Bellecôte trail…

Table : Here too, the graphic codes of Parisian brasseries are taken up; Limoges porcelain tableware, Jacquard Français white toppings and Guy Degrenne cutlery with clean lines.

Most : Departure and arrival directly from the slopes, perfect for a stop at lunchtime. A ski-valet service takes care of taking off the snow guests and the skimen warm up gloves and ski boots before returning to the slopes.

End of season clap: April 8, 2023

Where to find the chef in summer? At Ama Terra in Aix-en-Provence, at Duende or L’Impé in Nîmes or a little further on at Pierre’s TT in Dubai or at Fouquet’s in Saint-Barth, the starred chef navigates between his many addresses in the sun and his triple starred Parisian.


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