Which of these dishes has the lowest calories?

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When winter approaches, dishes based on melted cheese are popular. Indeed, the season of raclettes, fondues or tartiflettes has already been open for a while. Faced with this winter period, it is in full swing. But when you want to pay attention to your line, which cheese dish should you turn to? Which is the least caloric? We answer the question in this article.

Raclette, fondue or tartiflette between the three, our heart swings. It must be said that between the French and cheese, it’s a great love story. He notably made the reputation of the hexagon. If for years Parmesan, mozzarella or even Gruyère have invaded our daily lives to enhance some of our recipes, cheese-based dishes remain unbeatable. Some adventurous can taste them in summer but it is in winter that they are the best. Indeed, they stand out as a remedy to fight against the cold and share a friendly moment with friends. With the start of the year, these dishes are often high in calories and make us ignore our good resolutions to focus on healthy eating. Know that these three winter recipes are not equal in terms of calories. Indeed, one of the preparations is much lighter than the other two. We therefore reveal to you in this article which cheese-based dish you should turn to to consume the fewest calories.

Raclette: 1,340 calories per person

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