First Lady Jill Biden decorates the White House ‘for the people’ [galerie d’images]

During the holidays, some 50,000 visitors are expected at the White House (commonly called “the People’s House” because it belongs to all Americans). “We are pleased to be able to welcome Americans home,” First Lady Jill Biden said, referring to the restoration of the number of visitors admitted this year.

In its majestic corridors and halls, in the twinkling bells and reflective ornaments, “you will see your own reflection — a reminder and an invitation to recognize yourself in this house”, launched the First Lady during the inauguration of the decorations of the 2022 end-of-year celebrations in the presence of the press.

Indeed, this year’s decorations are themed “We the People”. They include 83,615 light bulbs, 77 Christmas trees, 25 wreaths and a gingerbread house covered in 18 kilos of frosting.

The theme reflects “the foundations of our extraordinary country and the soul of our nation,” said Jill Biden. During the holidays, Americans come together each year in camaraderie and faith, reminding us how much stronger we are together than apart. »

Left: Christmas decorations set up in the entrance to the White House (© Nathan Posner/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images) Top right: First Lady Jill Biden thanks volunteers who decorated the White House. (© Andrew Harnick/AP Images) Bottom right: Holiday decorations illustrate the theme ‘We the people’. (© Jonathan Ernst/Reuters)

The First Lady thanked the 150 volunteers who helped decorate the White House for the holidays. She was accompanied by members of the National Guard and their relatives, a nod to her deceased son Beau who was also part of the National Guard. “As a mother and grandmother of the National Guard, I wanted to welcome National Guard families as honored guests to help us usher in this holiday season,” said Jill Biden. Your service is the embodiment of ‘We the People’”.

“The values ​​that unite us can be found all around you: faith in the possible, optimism and unity,” she added. In each piece, we represent what unites us during the holidays and throughout the year. »

Red and white striped socks hang from a fireplace shelf, and a painting of Abraham Lincoln hangs on the wall (© Jonathan Ernst/Reuters)
The Biden family’s Christmas stockings hang from the mantelpiece among Christmas decorations in the White House State Dining Room. (© Jonathan Ernst/Reuters)

The decor of the State Dining Room emphasizes children, as the words “We the People” also embody the promise of the next generation. To celebrate the playful side of the holidays, decorations in the room include the traditional Christmas stockings of members of the Biden family. Santa Claus fills them on Christmas Eve “always with an orange on his toe (a tradition of the First Lady’s grandmother),” the White House said.

Photo montage featuring a shot of sugar reproductions of historic American buildings placed on a table, and a shot of a garland decorated with a drawing of a little girl (© Patrick Semansky/AP Images)
Sugar reproductions of Independence Hall and the White House, as well as garlands decorated with self-portraits of children, adorn the State Dining Room. (© Patrick Semansky/AP Images)

Continuing with the theme of “We the People”, a sugar reproduction of Independence Hall in Philadelphia and another, in gingerbread, of the White House, with the Declaration of Independence in the background, are installed in the state dining room.

A few steps away, a Christmas tree is decorated with transparent garlands containing self-portraits made by students from across the country.

Photomontage featuring a shot of life-size replicas of the Bidens' cat and dog emerging from Christmas presents and a shot of a hand-written cake recipe (© Patrick Semansky/AP Images)
Left: Life-size replicas of the Bidens’ cat and dog in the White House’s ruddy living room. Right: The First Lady’s recipe for Apple Crisp on the fireplace shelf in the Porcelain Room (© Patrick Semansky/AP Images)

The decor of the vermeil salon represents testimonies of sympathy exchanged between Americans and gestures of generosity towards others. The room is filled with homemade gifts that are offered between neighbors in the United States. There are also unusual elements such as life-size replicas of the Biden’s cat, Willow, and their German shepherd, Commander, enough to bring a touch of humor to the decoration.

In the Porcelain Room, which houses tableware used by presidential families who have occupied the White House in the past, decorations represent family food and traditions. There are precious recipes passed down from generation to generation, including a copy of the recipe used by the First Lady to make the cake called “Apple Crisp”, placed on the fireplace.

Three Christmas trees in a room and two large Christmas wreaths hanging above glass doors (© Patrick Semansky/AP Images)
These trees were installed at the White House in honor of the Gold Star families (families who lost one of their own who served in the military). (© Patrick Semansky/AP Images)

In the lobby of the East Wing of the White House, fir trees are adorned with reflective ornaments bearing the names of fallen military personnel. “The ‘Gold Star Trees’ honor the heroic men and women of our nation’s armed forces who have given their lives for our country, those lost in action, and the families who carry on their memory,” the White House says. .

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