Menu of the week: recipe ideas from Monday 14 to Sunday 20 November

This week, we offer you a perfect balance between comforting preparations and refined dishes. To start off on the right foot, the first few days will be devoted to heart-warming classics, such as soups, quiches, savory pies or meatballs. It is only from Friday, to end in all beauty, that we embark on the realization of more original recipes certainly, but not more complicated. Lacquered salmon, duck breast, beef stew or endives with ham: wouldn’t this be a coded message to announce the beginnings of the festive season which is fast approaching?

At each meal, pleasure and gluttony are not left out, quite the contrary, since this week, the desserts are all as delicious as each other. Autumn tiramisu, cinnamon Jesuits, warm cake, and chocolate cream are on the menu.

Tuesday, November 15, it’s around recipes inspired by Anglo-Saxon culture that we meet, a fun way to congratulate ourselves on having accomplished this first half of the month. Between cookies, butternut macaroni and boiled eggs with bacon: any excuse is good to treat yourself!

What menu for the week?


Daal muradabaadi

Quiche without dough with smoked salmon and broccoli

Chocolate cream


Bacon Mushroom Boiled Eggs

Butternut squash macaroni

Granola cookies with oatmeal, nuts and seeds


Carrot salad with candied lemon, yoghurt with herbs

Meatballs, dill sauce

Faisselle with hazelnuts and honey


Lentil soup with smoked tofu

Tarte flambée with oyster mushrooms and gorgonzola

Autumn jelly with grapes and spices


Pan-fried roasted bread and puntarelle

Duck breast and caramelized grapes

Chestnut cream pear tiramisu


Roasted cauliflower, lemon tahini sauce

Grilled salmon with sriracha sauce

Cinnamon Jesuits


Endives with ham, buckwheat bechamel sauce

Beef stew, carrots and dried porcini mushrooms

Warm raisin-almond cake

My shopping list for the week

On the menu this week: carrots, mushrooms of all kinds, broccoli, cauliflower, endives and butternut squash are to be slipped into our shopping cart. On the fruit side, grapes adorn many preparations – sweet and savory – in addition to pears, which are available in tiramisu for the Friday meal.

At the butcher, we ask for duck breast, beef loin, minced pork loin, bacon and white ham. On the seafood side, we stock up on smoked and pavé salmon.

If necessary, we stock up on eggs, sugar, flour, butter, fresh cream and puff pastry. The same goes for herbs and spices such as cinnamon, dill, thyme or bay leaf, which will enhance each of our preparations.

In the dairy products section, we plan to buy milk, Greek yogurt, fromage blanc, gorgonzola and grated emmental cheese. Finally, on the grocery side, we stock up on lentils (green and coral), but also mung beans for the Monday daal, generally available in the produce section of the world. To make the desserts, you will also need chestnut cream, oatmeal, nuts and seeds, in addition to the classic dark chocolate bar, which will be used for the chocolate cream.

Let the music !

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